How to identify the best credit so as not to affect your retirement payment

Who said it is impossible to apply for a loan during retirement? Just thinking about the fact can be a little weird, do not you think? For several reasons, this may seem unimaginable, the good news is that we can make it possible.

What are the reasons for you to doubt?

If you are also of the people who think that this is impossible, it is because your reasons are probably within the following list:

  1. Age: For some institutions, the age factor turns out to be determined to know whether or not credit is authorized. Of course, if we analyze it coldly, it is an argument of complete value since as our age progresses, we are more vulnerable to diseases and health problems that can take away the possibilities of having an income, in which part is destined for payment of the loan.
  2. Work and income: Most of the banking institutions to grant you a loan, the first thing they ask you is where you work and what your monthly income is. What happens to retired people? They have zero opportunities to access such financing because they no longer have a fixed income or they may have greater economic problems that become difficult to solve.

But what do you think?

I want to tell you that now it is possible that you enjoy economic loans during your retirement, besides that none of your plans that you had made to enjoy at this stage will be harmed in any way.

To do this, approach us and identify why we are your best option:

  • Very low interest: Who likes to pay much more than what they requested? To nobody! That is why it is important for us to offer you opportunities in which you can reduce your debt, practically in a natural way. One of the ways to achieve this is through the payment process through your payroll, point that we will see below.
  • Payroll Payments: How do they work? When you have worked for an institution with which Credifiel has an agreement, you do not need to carry out cumbersome and delayed procedures. Making the payment via payroll when you are retired from any of these means that we will know your background perfectly and do not need any guarantee, which also works as a plus since the interest is reduced considerably.
  • Special credits for you: With short terms and up to 60 monthly payments, depending on your loan and your possibilities. You tell us how much you need and we start the process quickly so you can have your money as soon as possible.
  • Immediate procedures: Those days in which the resolution processes were eternal are outside our reality. We take care of doing it the simplest and fastest for you. During retirement, who has time to lose it in proceedings?

Forget that old idea that loans at the retirement stage were impossible for you and better start planning your new adventure knowing that at Credifiel the loans are designed for your needs. We care about you.