After training on the street, the Indian dance team performs on stage, leaving judges stunned [VIDEO]


England has an incredible talent

The England has an incredible talent the judges were immediately blown away by X1X Crew from India. Their inspiring history and immense talent make them a force to be reckoned with. This 22 member dance group auditioned for Season 14 with an action packed dance routine unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Watch their haunting audition below.

The X1X crew performed incredible stunts for “Great Britain has talent”

X1X Crew came to England has an incredible talent with the mission of improving the life of each of the young members of their group. They want to improve their living conditions and their education by living in Mumbai. Their youngest member of the group was only 14 at the time of the audition. X1X Crew describes their relationship as a family with a unique dancing style. The group takes inspiration from their Indian culture and mixes it with hip hop. They practice every day for 10-12 hours but don’t have a suitable place to practice, so they are content with parking lots or streets. For many of them, dancing together is always the best and most peaceful part of their day.


During their breathtaking audition, X1X Crew infamously stacked seven band members on top of each other to create a tower. They then started to fall and were overtaken by their other crew members. It was the most incredible stunt that completely impressed David Walliams. Simon Cowell was all smiles as all the judges gave the group a standing ovation. “I have to say it was exceptional,” said Simon. He mimicked all the audience members who were speechless as they watched the routine. David called the performance “electric”. Amanda Holden even said they were competing against season three winners, Diversity, the dance team that raised the bar. Simon said that X1X Crew will now be the group they will compare everyone to. They received four yeses and have a chance to perform in live shows.

The group’s Instagram account has just been hacked

While X1X Crew awaits the England has an incredible talent live shows that have since been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are trying to renew their audience on social networks. In May, their Instagram account with over 62.6 million followers was hacked, forcing them to start from scratch. Many of their fans have been following them since they appeared on India has talent in 2015 where they were finalists. They also appeared in the show’s second season. Dance More in 2016.

You can follow the new X1X Crew Instagram account below to stay up to date on this amazing dance group.

Plus, check out their TikTok to see behind-the-scenes training that helps create their crazy tips.


We can’t wait to see what this dance group performs next and how they raise their number even higher.

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