‘Been part of a dance team’: NBA Twitter goes wild after rare photo of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant hailing Stephen Curry during his NCAA days emerges



The story of Stephen Curry’s arrival in the NBA has inspired many. It’s truly an example of how greatness emerged despite the odds. As an undersized guard, Curry received no scholarships from top NCAA Division 1 schools and eventually ended up at Davidson College. This is where Curry’s performances caught the attention of many. In 2008, the Davidson Wildcats entered a Cinderella run in the 2008 NCAA Tournament. Led by Curry, they upset big names such as Gonzaga, Georgetown and Wisconsin but lost in the Elite Eight.

It was during Curry’s time at Davidson that he met Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, and a photo of the greeting was taken. This image has now resurfaced on Twitter and fans can’t get enough of it.


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Fans react to Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant

The rare photo of the trio surfaced on Twitter in light of Curry’s birthday. This sent fans into a storm as many fans followed the fashion sense featured in the photo, especially Westbrook’s.

Additionally, some fans remembered the Game during which this meeting took place. It was a game between Davidson and Oklahoma. While Davidson had Curry’s presence, Oklahoma had Blake Griffin in their roster. Moreover, the two young stars achieved good numbers in the game.

Moreover, fans even cited the fact that Curry was the oldest of the trio, but only played in the NBA after KD and Westbrook. Some even claimed that Curry was the greatest of the three, without whom Durant would never have won a title with Golden State.


When Stephen Curry showed glimpses of the superstar he would become in the 2008 NCAA Tournament Run

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Obviously, fans were surprised by the photo. Plus, it showed what a phenomenon Curry was in the NCAA. He would then bring the same talent to the Warriors and become one of the best to ever play the game.

Curry and the Warriors


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It was in the 2009 NBA Draft that the Golden State Warriors would use their 7th pick to draft Curry. Although the young star was plagued by injuries, he was able to bounce back and become the superstar he is today.

With him, the Warriors drafted Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. This formed a great trio at Golden State that helped the franchise win a title in 2015. The following season, the trio reached the best regular season record of 73-9. Despite losing the title in 2016, the Warriors added Kevin Durant to the mix to form a hugely dominant team that won back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018.


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This year, the Warriors are looking to return to the top of the NBA. Led by Curry, they currently hold the 3rd best regular season record in the Western Conference. With the Warriors most likely headed to the playoffs as one of the best teams, they hope the experience of Curry, Klay and Green will lead the franchise to another title.

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