Dance group adopts live mascot at Baton Rouge Zoo



BATON ROUGE – You may have seen the Flamingeaux in a few local parades.

This band of flamboyant friends are known for their quivering feathers, and now they’ve got the perfect mascot.

“We represent the flamingo in many ways as a dynamic group, coming together like a herd and really showing how we do it together in parades,” said member Robbie Marshall.

On Saturday at the Baton Rouge Zoo, the group officially adopted their very own flamingo, whom they decided to name Fernandeaux.

In addition to dancing, Les Flamingeaux make a point of giving back to their community in other ways as well.

“Our dance team gives back to several non-profit organizations throughout the year, and of course, since we call ourselves the Flamingeaux, we thought it would be absolute perfection to adopt a flamingo here,” said co-founder Tamara Palmer.

Adopting the bird will allow it to be cared for for a year.

“We love it. It’s wonderful when people, when the public cares about the zoo, want to take an active part, find a way to help us, our animals, and the mission that we do. Personally, I am so humbled that they think of us enough to support us in this way,” said zoo worker Paige Marshall.

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