Indigenous dance group Indigenous Enterprise heads to Vogue



Native dance troupe Indigenous Enterprise has arrived on Vogue’s website with a clothing collaboration.

PHOENIX – Kenneth Shirley’s dance took him all over the world. It brought him face-to-face with Jennifer Lopez, put him on national television, and got him in for a presidential nomination.

Now, he’s taken his Native American dance group, Indigenous Enterprise, to the world’s most famous fashion source.

“I’m as surprised as you are every time we find ourselves in these situations,” Shirley said from a hotel in Los Angeles.

Shirley, a member of the Navajo tribe from Lupton, Arizona, has partnered with a Native-owned clothing company (Born X Raised) to produce a line of shirts and hoodies. It’s not their first fashion outing, but it was the first that got them noticed by the fashion elite.

Scrolling through Twitter, a story about Shirley’s clothes pops up just above a story about Kim Kardashian, written by the staff at vogue magazine.

The story stands out, not only because it’s about a group of Native Americans in fashion and dance, but also for the models who wear their clothes: Native American elders.

“The first person that came to mind was, I have to use my grandma,” Shirley said.

The idea was to honor their Indigenous elders, the people responsible for their presence here and the people responsible for their Indigenous pride, Shirley said.

So there’s Shirley’s Navajo grandmother, Nellie, in the ’90s, wearing a Born X Raised shirt, wrapped in a Pendleton blanket…on the same website where the models wear high fashion.

“We love our indigenous culture, I love my grandmother, I love where we come from,” Shirley said.

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