Infusion holds annual contest to determine Penn State’s top dance team


Infusion will hold its annual intra-collegiate dance competition to determine Penn State’s top dance team at 7 p.m. on Saturday, January 26 at Schwab Auditorium.

The organization judges fusion dance competitions, and in recent years several Penn State dance teams have come together to show off their talents and passion for the art.

Urban Dance Troupe won first prize last year, with Whiplash in second place. This year the competition will return with several other dance troupes including Outcast, Orchesis, Whiplash, Penn State Natya, Urban Dance Troupe, Penn State Sher Bhangra and KPMD Performance Team.

The winning team will have the opportunity to perform at Infusion’s biggest event in March, when filmi-fusion dance crews from across the country travel to Penn State to compete for $3,000 and giveaways. points at national Bollywood America and Legends competitions.

You can purchase tickets for Penn State’s Top Dance Team in advance at the HUB Jan. 22-25 for $3. You can also get your ticket at the door for the same price.

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