Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo wowed by dance crew for showcasing Pinoy culture at ‘World of Dance’ semi-finals

Jan Milo Severo –

August 17, 2020 | 12:47

MANILA, Philippines — Hip-hop dance group UPeepz showcased Filipino culture during the “World of Dance” semi-finals.

Wearing traditional Filipino costumes made from traditional Pinoy textiles, the group also danced the Filipino folk dance Tinikling to the tune of “Bebot” by the Black Eyed Peas.

Judge Jennifer Lopez praised the group, saying they really deserved to be in the semi-finals.

“You are a strong group, that’s why you are here. It really feels like a crew and that’s what I like about big groups. You know, when they’re really good, they all dance almost like one, which I love,” Lopez said.

“It’s really about the routine that you do…There were times that I love,” she added.

Dancer and choreographer Derek Hough, also a contest judge, also praised Upeepz.

“You guys like to ooze passion. I feel your passion for dance so much and love that you brought your culture into this room,” Hough said.

Judge Ne-Yo also praised the Filipino band, especially the “Tinikling” part.

“I love it when the fans came out. The part that threw me off was the bamboo part, but the things that I got to know and appreciate you for were all there,” he said. .

UPeepz, however, did not reach the final with a score of 89.

The dance groups MDC 3, Oxygen, Geometrie Variable and the duo Jefferson y Adrianita reached the final.

MDC 3 has become champion of the “dance world”. — NBC World of Dance video via YouTube

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