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There are certain movies that will never go out of style. This includes coming of age threads, love stories, and classic underdog tales. The public will always eat them. Especially when it’s also about a character trying to break into a new and exciting world. However, there is one type of film that always ensures people are moving to their screens. And we mean that both literally and figuratively. Viewers are always up for a good dance movie. But they won’t have to settle for just one of these popular genres with the next Netflix movie. Work it. The film’s first trailer combines all of these tried-and-true formats into an action-packed wellness story of an unlikely cast taking the stage.

“When Quinn Ackerman’s admission to her dream college hinges on her performance in a dance competition, she forms a motley group of dancers to face the best team in school… now she just needs to learn to dance. “

Work it stars Sabrina Carpenter (The Hate U Give, short story of the long road) as a young woman whose college hopes rest on an unlikely dream. She must learn to be a great dancer while forming her own troupe of scraps and little-known performers.

Based on this trailer that will take a lot of dancing. And romanticism. And sneering. We really like to chuckle.

WORK IT Trailer Brings Netflix Back To Movie Dance Floor_1Netflix

Laura Terruso (Good girls get high) produced with a script by writer Alison Peck (Ugly dolls). The film also stars Liza Koshy (Lisa on demand), Keiynan Lonsdale (Flash, I love Simon), Drew Ray Tanner (Riverdale), Michelle Buteau (Always be my maybe, First Wives Club) and Jordan Fisher (To all The boys 2, RENT live!). Aakomon Jones (Black panther, perfect pitch) serves as a choreographer.

Ultimately Work it looks like You are served meets Dirty dance meets Rudy. All with a few Bring it on style and attitude. And yeah, YES, alright, let’s go. Sounds good in our alley. And with the film drawn from so many beloved genres, it will likely be on the aisles of a lot of people as well.

Work it debuted on Netflix August 7.

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