Natya Wins Penn State’s Best Dance Team Contest


Indian classical dance group Natya emerged as winners of Penn State’s Best Crew, an annual dance competition that showcases the best dance groups on campus. In a near-full Schwab auditorium, students and family members eagerly gathered to see the wide array of talent that would unfold on stage.

Natya, which is Penn State’s only classical Indian dance group, emphasizes storytelling and musical performance in their dances, and tonight was no exception. The group began their performance with a video narrated by a girl who suffers from a terminal illness and must go through the five stages of grief.


Through the dance, they showed the young girl navigating through these stages, beginning with “denial” and ending with “acceptance”. In the final part of their performance, the girl lies on the floor as the sounds of a heart monitor play in the background and eventually flatline. The band’s combination of on-point moves, creative storytelling and intricate costumes earned them this year’s first trophy.

The group faced competition from six other dance groups, each of which showcased a wide variety of dance styles ranging from hip-hop to k-pop. Urban Dance Troupe, Penn State’s oldest hip-hop group, placed second in the contest, coming as a slight defeat for the group that won Best Dance Group in 2017 and 2018. Their energetic performance and electric, a dance battle between rappers Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. always wowed audiences, who clapped and sang along with the songs throughout.

The new contestants of the K-Pop Music and Dance Club (KPMD) competition were able to share their passion for the genre with the crowd while dancing to their favorite k-pop songs.

The competition was organized by Infusion, a student-run club that hosts an annual intercollegiate dance competition in March. The group hosts nine varsity dance groups from across the country to showcase their talents and determine a winner.

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