New York-based dance crew gets $100,000 tip on ‘Ellen’ –


Through Lite Feet competitions, a group of young New Yorkers have come together to bring the mundane subway rides to life. Despite the eyes of commuters and bachelors for tips, the tenacity of the WAFFLE (We Are Family For Life Entertainment) dance crew resulted in a big payday.

After sitting down for an interview on Ellen where they discussed where their band came from and how dancing saved their lives, Ellen DeGeneres decided to tip them the biggest tip they’ve ever received at $100,000. Partnering with WalMart, DeGeneres and her team threw stacks of bills into a giant cap, reminiscent of how young dancers on the train collect money from commuters.

The ensemble added that they perform their routines in 40 carts a day, but are still grateful that they were able to escape the perils of their neighborhood. A dancer shared that he was held at gunpoint once, but through dancing he was able to find a way out.

“Coming from a big city like New York, there’s a lot of dark spaces you can get sucked into,” another dancer said. “And coming from downtown, I mean, just to be blatant, it’s not easy. So the feet of life were kind of like a way. It was pretty much our way, of sorts, of cultivating ourselves and being heard, and saying, “Hey, we’re not like everything everybody says. This is what we want to do and we want to change our lives through dance.

Watch their interview above.

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