This hip-hop dance group redefines what it means to be 50+


A Billboard’s Hot 100 hip-hop hit hits the stadium’s sound system, and suddenly dozens of male and female dancers begin to tremble to the beat of center court. You’ve seen it so many times that you don’t even think about it.

But here’s the little catch, these dancers are all over 50 years old.

However, after a few beats, age seems irrelevant, a footnote at best. After all, the good times are the good times, and these dancers are clearly having fun.

“What we really want to show is that you can actually get better with age”

leslie alison

Classix Silver Crew

This somewhat non-traditional pairing – you might call it old (more) school meets new school – not only generates a lot of excitement and buzz, but it also breaks down societal barriers and age-related stigmas and to what a dance. the troop should look like.

They are the Silver Classix Crew, a hip-hop dance group designed especially for the elderly, founded almost ten years ago by former Atlanta Hawks dancer Leslie Alison.

The “Crew” perform throughout the Atlanta area, often at major sporting events such as the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks and Harlem Globetrotter games. They have also been featured in national news programs and their skills have recently been showcased in an ad campaign for a dating app.

“What we really want to show is that you can actually get better with age,” says Leslie Alison, director of Silver Classix. “I have seen them improve their health, their flexibility and their memory. It is absolutely amazing to watch.

Check out some of the personal stories of the dancers below:

After thirty years in law enforcement, Susan Faulkner moved into retirement with no big plan. She quickly developed back problems and had to make a change. It was then that she discovered the Silver Classix Crew.

Lifelong fitness enthusiast Jann Wynn explains some of the issues with the fitness industry and why she loves the dance team.

Seasoned dancer Wendy Waddell explains how she used the team to network with her peers when she was new to the Atlanta area.

Marci Nunnery explains how the Silver Classix Crew helped her overcome the grief of losing her brother.

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