UB’s Department of Theater and Dance will feature the Zodiac Dance Ensemble in Cool Hunting


The Zodiac Dance Ensemble (ZDE) celebrates its 20th anniversaryand Anniversary with COOL HUNTING. COOL HUNTING by director Jeanne Fornarola examines trends in action, chasing trends and cutting-edge behaviors among specific groups of people.

UB’s Department of Theater and Dance will feature the Zodiac Dance Ensemble in Cool Hunting

ZDE features choreography from UB Dance Faculty Jeanne Fornarola, Kerry Ringand Danielle Gaine. Fornarola’s choreography explores classical pantomime and choreographic motifs from the traditional roots of Romatinc ballet and manipulates them to create a contemporary “cool” look. Choreographer Kerry Ring explores “cool” through new terrain where music and movement meet in every live performance. The music composed and interpreted by the accompanist of the dance department, Kevin McFadden, is a live response to motion. The movement reflects an expression of her inner fire – and reinforces the idea that an artistic experience can kindle an inner passion. Danielle Sheather’s contribution to the production examines the expression of time and asks the real question of “Who knows where time goes?” »

Zodiaque Dance Ensemble continues to be an innovative force, advancing its talents inspired by stimulating collaborations and creative research. ZDE showcases the work of respected dance creators and provides experiential learning opportunities for students in the theater and dance department. ZDE welcomes its first MFA candidates Michael Lambert and Mary Grace Sullivan as contributing choreographers. Lambert’s choreography takes the audience on a journey to find something or a place better than our own reality in an effort not to settle for what is. Mary Grace Sullivan’s piece features a cast of women finding common ground by snapping their fingers and clapping their hands, together creating an audible rhythm that punctuates the movement of the solo dancer and/or pair dancers. A beat creates a new rhythm as the dancers control the speed, timbre and syncopation of the sound score.

Emerging undergraduate choreographers include senior dance majors Rachel Latte, Jessica Levin, Jessica Caracioloand Lilibeth Javier. Latke and Levin’s choreography team come up with a piece that has a “cool” vibe inspired by the #MeToo and #Timesup movements with the aim of creating choreography that embodies girl power, standing in solidarity, unity and solidarity. leadership. Jessica Caraciolo’s piece delves into Louie Fuller’s latest “cool” innovations and the exploration of the effects of light on fabric. Lilibeth Javier’s choreography explores the pathways of the human heart to better understand how and when our heartbeat changes. Kennedy Jordan is the principal’s student assistant and Ariel Kriegel is the student lighting designer. All student designers and choreographers are supervised by professors.

The 2017-18 season of UB’s Department of Theater and Dance is inspired by one of the five named themes of UB 2020, Innovation.

Tickets can be purchased online via http://www.ubcfa.org/tickets and ticketfly.com
or by visiting the Center for the Arts box office in CFA’s main lobby on the University at Buffalo’s North Campus. (Tuesday to Friday, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and 90 minutes before the show)

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